Watch Winder Windup: What Kind of Watch Needs to be Winded in a watch Winder Safe?

Do the question ‘what kind of watch needs to be winded in a luxury watch winder safe?’ ever pops up in your mind? If so, then you might appreciate this article because it can help you find the answer. The world of watches is not a very complex world, but you really need to learn a bit if you want to know everything about it.

Watch winders are one of the more confusing aspects of having a watch-collecting hobby, so questions like the question above are questions that you should not be surprised of. A lot of folks have been asking that question, after all. We are here to provide the revelation for you, one that can definitely help you with your question.

Before we can get to the core, you need to understand about the types of watch available

Watches can be divided from how it moves its hands. If the hands are moving in a ticking motion, it is a Quartz type of watch, one that often runs on batteries. If the hands are moving in a sweeping motion, it is a mechanical watch. Quartz watches do not need a winder while mechanical watches might need them, depending on the kind of mechanics contained within said mechanical watches.

Mechanical watches also come in two mechanics, automatic and manual. If your watch is manually-winded, you do not need a watch winder. If your mechanical watch is automatic, you better get your hands on a luxury watch winder if you are not planning on using it for a long time.

Why is that?

Because an automatic mechanical watch also needs to be wind to prevent it from getting broken. With an automatic mechanical watch, you cannot manually wind the watch as the watch would automatically be winded by your wrist movement if you are wearing it.

If you are not wearing it, you can let your luxury watch winder do the winding work.


There you have it, folks. We hope that this article can clear up your question surrounding what kind of watch needs to be winded in a watch winder safe.

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